Our Work

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As on organisation, Level aims to engage medical students, medical professionals, faculty, and regulatory bodies in a discussion of gender based issues in medical education and training, including but not limited to:

  1. Gender awareness in patient-doctor, doctor-doctor and doctor-community interactions
  2. Barriers to female presence, participation and leadership in all stages of medical training and practice
  3. Sexual harassment
  4. Broader gender issues relevant to the health and medical sector including abortion law reform

Level aims to change the conversation around women in medicine, but we strongly believe that in order for progress to be achieved, men and women have to work together to create gender equality, for the benefit of both sexes.  We want to challenge society’s views of masculinity, and the issues they create for men and women in their careers and personal lives. Through Level’s work, we want to amplify a conversation that centers on the inequities and challenges that our current system imposes on either gender in separate, yet impactful, ways.

Our research

Most of the statistics available about women in medicine are based on American or European data or regulations. With our amazing Policy Team and Summer Research Fellows, we are putting together specifically Australian data on gender equity. Our current areas of interest include the gender pay gap in medicine, flexible and parental leave policies, and gendered specialties. If you’re interested in reading some of our existing work, have a look at our submission to the 2015 Royal Australian College of Surgeons inquiry into bullying and sexual harassment, our 2016 submission to the Parliamentary Enquiry on gender segregation in the workplace and its impact on women’s economic equality or have a gander at our Resources page.

Our events

Australia is full of incredible women doctors and medical students. What could be better than getting some of them together to inspire students and younger doctors, and talk about their experiences? Our past successful events include a panel looking at ways to change the medical culture to reduce barriers for women, and another on what it’s like to be a woman in surgery.

Our workshops

Although you might believe in our work, it can be really tricky to fight for gender equity in your day-to-day life, especially if it involves you being the most junior person in the hospital. That’s where our workshops come in! They’re designed to arm you with conversational tools and strategies to best manage conflict in hospital and the medical workplace…plus they’re really great fun.

Our advocacy

Advocating for gender equity across Australian medicine is a lofty goal, we get that. As a primarily student-run organisation, we’re focussed on advocating at the medical school level for key policies like clear complaints mechanisms, anonymous feedback opportunities for all teaching, and ensuring that medical schools take a clear, zero-tolerance policy towards gender-based discrimination and harassment.