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Level hosts a number of workshops throughout the year that aim to equip medical students and doctors alike with the skills and knowledge to become advocates for change around gender equity in their own workplaces. However, many of the skills discussed and practiced in our workshops are applicable to issues of conflict more broadly, rather than being limited to issues of gender (in)equity. Read the descriptions below and get in touch with us for details on upcoming workshops and events.

Voicing Your Values: Managing Conflict in the Medical Workplace

Have you ever sat quietly while a tutor made comments that had you seething? Wanted to stick up for another student being humiliated by a mean consultant but weren’t sure if it was appropriate? Wanted to tell a colleague that their sexist/racist jokes are not welcome, but don’t want to make your working relationship weird? Ever just felt a bit off about something but weren’t sure whether to accept it as ‘the way things are’?

Though many of us want to change the culture of medicine, we don’t always know how to do this in a way that’s both effective and maintains relationships with others. When we haven’t practiced routinely speaking our minds about what we know to be right, we often find ourselves tongue-tied and flustered, or deny our own responsibility to do something in an ethically difficult situation. Yet research shows that by practicing putting our values into action, we can often resolve problems in a way that helps others, leads to better medical care, and helps change the culture by creating higher standards of behaviour.

In this workshop we work through a series of steps to respond to challenging aspects of medical culture. We will practice how to think through some common ethically compromising situations, how to anticipate what the response of the other party will be, and how to create a shared understanding of what needs to change.

Places usually limited to 20 attendees.

The F Word: Talking About Feminism and Gender Issues in Medicine

Confused about the wage gap in medicine?
Worried about balancing a medical career with family?
Have questions about feminism that you’ve been too afraid to ask?

If you’re a student or a doctor, you’ve probably heard all the press over the last few years about gender-based discrimination in medicine. At Level, we decided we wanted to be able to arm medical students with the skills and knowledge to have practical conversations about issues like sexism, feminism, gender-based harassment, and the wage gap, through supportive and inclusive workshops. To establish a dialogue with other students, we’re hosting several workshops throughout the year.

Each 2-hour workshop includes:
1. Discussion of key issues around gender, sexism, and feminism
2. Talking through basic scenarios that you may be confronted with
3. Information on parental leave and the gender pay gap

Places usually limited to 15 attendees

Negotiation Workshop

What’s better than WINNING?

This new Level Medicine workshop will take you through the essentials of interest-based negotiation — a negotiation strategy that focuses on understanding the interests of all the parties and figuring out creative ways to make agreements.

Ranjit George Joseph, an experienced negotiator who was senior adviser and solicitor at the AMA in Victoria before starting his MD, often leads these sessions.

Relevant to almost every area of life — patient care, workplace negotiations, and advocating for yourself and others — this workshop will give you the basics of negotiation strategy and an opportunity to practice and get feedback in a chill environment.

Places usually limited to 15 attendees.