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We’re currently working on a series of resources on gender and medicine.

Interested in the gender split in medical specialties? See our info sheet on it here (more infographics coming soon to here).

Interested in our take on sexual harassment and bullying in the medical profession? See our submission to the 2015 RACS inquiry into harassment and bullying here.

The Senate is currently conducting an inquiry into gender segregation in the workplace and its impact on women’s economic equality – our submission focusses specifically on the medical workplace, you can download and read it here.

Confused about the gender pay gap? Read an article by our wonderful Policy Officer here.

Wondering why feminism is still important, even in successful professional disciplines like medicine? See our CEO writing on this topic here and here and our COO writing about it here.

Wondering about the move to decriminalise abortion in NSW? See more information here and our CEO speaking about it here.

All resources are copyright to Level Medicine Inc. 2016 unless otherwise specified.