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Premed Blogs
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Learn about the differences between neurologists and psychiatrists, including what each career entails and the pros and cons of each medical specialty.

Five Medical Student Blogs to Follow

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As a premed, it can be motivating and informative to hear from current medical students about their experiences and pathways to medical school. A student’s unique perspective can give you insight into whether a career in medicine could be right for you, in addition to reading inspiration, advice, and application tips.

Here are 5 medical student blogs to check out:

  • The Fro Doc
    • Third-year medical student Adrianna writes about her experiences in medicine as well as topics related to beauty, wellness, and self-care.
    • Kelly is a first-generation student who changed tracks from applying to pharmacy school to medical school. She hopes to inspire the next generation of physicians and connect premeds to resources and mentors.
    • Ijeoma Okoye started her blog to showcase an authentic medical school perspective. She also shares wellness tips and stresses the importance of continuing to pursue hobbies and passions outside of medicine.
    • Milah shares what it’s like to have an unconventional path to medical school – she worked as a personal assistant, a coordinator for a nonprofit, and spent significant time travelling before matriculating to medical school.
    • Danielle is an African American female physician and a single mom who hopes to inspire other minority women to pursue medicine. Her blog documents her journey from her medical school application process through applying for residency and beyond.

    To read more stories about the day-in-the-life of a medical student, you can also read our previous list of medical school blogs or read stories from the Aspiring Docs Blog.


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    Premed Blogs

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Maddie Otto

By Maddie Otto

Maddie is a second-year medical student at the University of Notre Dame in Sydney and one of Level Medicine’s workshop project managers. Prior to studying medicine, she worked and studied as a musician in Melbourne. She has a background in community arts, which combined her love for both the arts and disability support. She is an advocate for intersectional gender equity, and is passionate about accessibility and inclusive practice within the healthcare system.