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Advocacy in our own surroundings, as well as at the state and federal level, is a key part of Level’s work in campaigning for gender equity in Australian medicine.

At Medical School

We recognise that as medical students ourselves, we often have unique power and insight when it comes to advocating for change within our own medical schools. Within universities, we’re campaigning for key policies like clear complaints mechanisms, anonymous feedback opportunities for all teaching, and ensuring that medical schools take a clear, zero-tolerance policy towards gender-based discrimination and harassment.

Interested in advocating on these issues in your own medical school? Contact us if you’d like to get involved.

Our Submissions

We’ve also made policy submissions in a number of different state and national level enquiries.

  • See out 2019 submission to the National enquiry into sexual harassment in Australian workplaces.
  • See our 2017 submission to the Parliamentary enquiry on gender segregation in the workplace and its impact on women’s economic equality.
  • See our 2015 submission to the Royal Australian College of Surgeons Expert Advisory Group Enquiry into sexual harassment and bullying in among surgeons in Australia.

Abortion law reform advocacy

We’re also passionate about reproductive freedoms and ensuring that women have access to safe and affordable abortions. To learn more about our advocacy in regards to abortion law reform, and abortion decriminalisation in New South Wales and Queensland, see here.