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Level Medicine takes a top-down and bottom-up approach to confronting and reducing gender inequity within the medical profession. Three of our programs – research, advocacy, and the Gender Audit – focus on higher level systems change. Our workshops are a grassroots approach to tackling inequity, focusing on individuals within the system. Currently, we are developing a workshop series called Voicing your Values in Medicine that we are rolling out in 2019.

Voicing your Values in Medicine workshop series


  • Medical students and doctors are frequently confronted by situations where they feel that they have seen or heard something discriminatory, but they are not sure what they should do about it.
  • Most medical students and junior doctors want to speak up, but they do not know how to handle these situations because:
    • They do not feel like they have the appropriate knowledge to argue their point.
    • They do not feel comfortable speaking up as they believe it will lead to conflict and negatively affect their professional relationships.
    • They do not know what to say and how they would negotiate any resulting confrontation.


Our workshop initiative

  • Level Medicine’s Voicing your Values in Medicine three-part workshop series equips medical students and doctors with the skills to voice their values in professional contexts and focuses on the importance of diversity in medicine.
  • Participants from our workshops leave with a framework to become more proactive about discrimination, diversity, and inclusion and a commitment to attempt to use it. Through empowering people to speak up, we aim to contribute to inclusive practice and further support diversity.
  • The workshops focus on gender, but also aim to represent stories from all diverse backgrounds and approach gender inequity in an intersectional manner.


Workshop series aims

  • To empower medical students and doctors to advocate for diversity and inclusion within medicine by:
    • Workshop 1 (Shaping your values): Giving participants the knowledge to be able to decide what their values are when it comes to diversity.
    • Workshop 2 (Giving voice to your values): Equipping participants with a values-based approach to speaking up effectively for diversity and inclusion, using the Giving Voice to Values framework established by Professor Mary Gentile.
    • Workshop 3 (Talking about your values): Teaching participants communication skills to allow them to speak up for their values and to manage conflict that might result.


Keep up with our workshop by following us on Eventbrite. If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a facilitator, contact our workshop project managers, Imogen Janus and Maddie Otto, at [email protected].