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A major part of Level’s work is to put together Australia-first research on a range of issues pertaining to gender and medicine. As we complete each piece of work, we’re uploading it here, freely accessible, so that more people can become aware of these issues and advocate around them. Explore our menu, and see below for links to all of our resources.


Summer research fellowships

Each year, Level offers a set of Summer Research Fellowships, which focus on different questions concerning issues around gender equity in Australian medicine. Our Research Fellows spend 1-2 months over summer each year compiling Australian-centred research on their questions and clarifying Level’s policy and advocacy stance on these issues. This is a collection of our completed research papers.


A significant amount of the media around women doctors is around negative aspects such as harassment, fatigue, and the difficulty of achieving a work/life balance. However, at Level, we believe that this narrative misses out entirely on the incredible achievements of women doctors across the country (and the world). To us, part of changing the conversation around gender in medicine is about changing this narrative, and showing young men and women alike that being a woman and a doctor are not just possible, but can form part of an incredibly satisfying career and life. As part of this work, we have begun writing profiles of current doctors who are breaking the gender barriers and succeeding in their chosen careers, and showcasing them here.

Frequently asked questions

Talking about gender equity can be tricky. There are lots of firmly-held beliefs in this space, and conversation can be quite emotive. There are no clear-cut answers to the gold-standard ways of responding to the complex challenges of societal inequities. However, the Level team has attempted to formulate answers to some of the questions we frequently encounter when talking about our work and think it might be valuable to share some of these with a broader audience.


Need an infographic about gendered specialisation or the gender pay gap? Level Medicine is working on producing some for mass distribution. We only ask that you reference us when you use them!

Other resources

Level Medicine has also contributed to other resources, including articles and speeches, and we have collated them here.